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*Vertical support poles available for all trekking pole supported models.

- All Tarptent models are completely enclosed with full bug protection.

- We use 30d coated fabrics for strength and durability.

Price: $309

Bowfin 1

New for 2017, the Bowfin 1 offers the setup simplicty of the Moment DW and the storm shedding performance of the Double Rainbow. Free-standing, double side entrance, and double wall, you can perch this sanctuary and sleep comfortably just about anywhere.

Price: $339

Bowfin 2

New for 2017, the Bowfin 2 offers the setup simplicty and storm shedding performance of the Bowfin 1 and adds an extra long floor for gear and sleeping comfort for two. Free-standing, double side entrance, and double wall, you can perch this sanctuary and gaze up into the cosmos.

Price: $369

Cloudburst 3

Inside the Cloudburst 3, three is definitely not a crowd. With end to end useable space as well as front and back entrances, the Cloudburst 3 easily accommodates the entire crew. With the optional crossing pole, this shelter is sturdy enough to take light snow loading and doors can be fully opened for exceptional views. Revolutionize your next group expedition!

Price: $289

Double Rainbow

The award winning Double Rainbow is our most popular, best-value, 2 person tent. Designed for versatility, this tent is ideal for people who camp in a wide variety of conditions and need an all purpose shelter for hiking, hunting, bike touring and more. The Double Rainbow is easy to setup and can be converted to freestanding with trekking poles.

Price: $439


Designed by and for the hiking family, the Hogback sleeps 4 and weighs in at about 1 pound (16oz) per person, resulting in one of the lightest, most compact family tents on the market. Double-walled and strut-supported corners give the Hogback the structured space needed to ensure your family sleeps well protected.

Price: $295

Moment DW

You only need 2 stakes and less than 1 minute to set-up the Moment DW. This is the best choice when comfort, quick set-up, and weather protection are your main priorities. See how the Moment DW's versatility and ease of use can enhance your outdoor experience...we bet it will be your go-to tent for years to come.

Price: $259


Brand new for 2016, the MoTrail is a two-person version of the ProTrail. It offers 44% more floor space and noticeably more headroom than the ProTrail and easily fits two wide, long pads. At just over 1 lb / person, the MoTrail's fast set-up, bug and weather protection, and packability make it a great ultralight companion for weekenders and thruhikers alike.

Price: $314


Updated for 2018, The Notch fly is now water pressure rated to 3,000 mm hydrostatic head. It also features zipperless doors and no moving parts for long term durability. This tent is ideal for trekking pole users who want the extra protection from condensation, without an excessive cost in weight. Simple and sturdy, the Notch gives you the security you need in a wide range of conditions.

Price: $599

Notch Li

New for 2018 and weighing 19.9 ounces complete, The Notch Li is our lightest shelter. Made with Dyneema®, this tent is ideal for trekking pole users who want the ultimate lightweight and protection. Simple and sturdy, double wall, double door and zipperless, the Notch Li gives you the freedom and security you want for a wide range of conditions.

Price: $225


Our most popular solo shelter, the ProTrail is the best tent for thru-hiking, bikepacking, or any trip where every gram/ounce is important. For day in and day out on the trail, the ProTrail's lightning fast set-up and packability make it the perfect ultralight companion.

Price: $259


The Rainbow is the solo version of our most popular shelter, the Double Rainbow, and includes the same special features. We haven't encountered a solo shelter with more useable space on the market! An exceptional balance of strength, spaciousness, and value, the Rainbow is ideal for people who want a light tent with a large living space.

Price: $289

Rainshadow 2

Form follows function in the design of the Rainshadow 2. The simple geometry offers wide floor space with lots of leg room and head space for three. At under a pound per person, the weight to size ratio of this tent makes it easy to pack on any trip. Best of all, the front entrance can be fully opened to offer spectacular, panoramic views and excellent ventilation.

Price: $329

Saddle 2

A two-person version of the Notch offers outstanding flexibility and function at just over one pound per person. Double side entrance, double wall and double vestibule. Fits two long and wide pads. Use your hiking poles (recommended) or select our optional poles. Easy to use fly only, interior only, or integrated one-piece setup and takedown.

Price: $359

Scarp 1

The Scarp 1 is a weather-proof pod designed with low fly edges, double walls, and a generous living space. New for 2016 is a robust 9mm arch pole and a dramatically larger, extra wide interior that can sleep two. The optional crossing poles give the Scarp 1 even more muscle to stand against harsh weather conditions, making it our strongest Tarptent. Whether you're pitching the Scarp 1 on Mt. Rainier or biking across the Scottish Highlands, you'll sleep warm, dry, and secure.

Price: $369

Scarp 2

Whether you're a snow camper or a cold sleeper, the Scarp 2 will keep you and your companion cozy and protected. The Scarp 2's adaptable components, such as the snow-load crossing poles and the optional mesh interior, make it the perfect tent for all season backpacking and bike touring.

Price: $309

StratoSpire 1

The StratoSpire 1 is our best-performing solo model across the widest range of weather conditions. Optional SideCar sleeping compartment for pets and children fits into either vestibule. The patented design of the StratoSpire 1 uses trekking poles and an unconventional design to maximize the amount of useable living space. The result is an unbelievably spacious interior, with exterior support strong enough to weather multi-day storms. It's no wonder that the StratoSpire 1 is Tarptent designer and CEO, Henry Shires', favorite solo shelter.

Price: $349

StratoSpire 2

The StratoSpire 2 is the two person version of the StratoSpire 1. For trekking pole users, this shelter is a gem: save weight and use your trekking poles for a strong, wind and snow stable setup. The StratoSpire's unique, patented design gives an unprecedented amount of living and vestibule space, perfect for extensive gear and bike storage. Optional SideCar sleeping compartment for pets and children fits into either vestibule.

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Product Sleeps Seasons Weight (oz) Height (in) Ext. Width (in) Ext. Length (in) Floor
Area (sq ft)
Stakes Packed Size (in)
Bowfin 1 1 3 37 39 76 (max) 92 20.4 freestanding;
18 x 4
Bowfin 2 2 3 48 43 98 (max) 113 34.7 freestanding;
18 x 4
MoTrail 2 3 36 47 78 (max) 120 30.3 4 16 x 4
ProTrail 1+ 3 26 45 76 (max) 108 21 4 12 x 4; stuffable
Notch 1 3-4 27 45 76 (max) 108 15.2 4 16 x 4
Notch Li 1 3-4 19.9 45 76 (max) 108 15.2 4 16 x 4
Moment DW 1 3+ 34 40 72 (max) 110 18 2 18 x 4
Scarp 1 1-2 4 51 41 72 90 25.1 6 18 x 4
Rainbow 1+ 3+ 35 43 76 102 23-30 6 18 x 4
StratoSpire 1 1-2 3-4 36 48 102 96 19 6 16 x 4
Saddle 2 2 3 37 43 98 116 29.2
6 16 x 4; stuffable
Double Rainbow 2 3+ 41 43 96 102 29-36 6 18 x 4
Scarp 2 2 4 60 45 92 90 30 6 18 x 5
StratoSpire 2 2-3 3-4 46 50 120 90 31 6 16 x 5
Rainshadow 2 3 3 43 48 92/75 94 42-51 4 18 x 4
Cloudburst 3 3 3+ 53 41 73 134 36.4 4 18 x 5
Hogback 4 3 66 49 104 90 51.4 6 18 x 6